Shatter – Gelato

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Shatter – Gelato

Order Shatter – Gelato online Europe, Gelato is a slightly Indica-dominant hybrid (55% Indica / 45% Sativa) created by crossing the infamous Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies strains. powered by a THC level that bottoms out on average at 20%. The ice cream has a flavor that is said to be very close to a sweet sorbet, with fruity aromas of blueberry and orange.

The aroma is equally sweet, with a bouquet of lavender berries that has a woody effect when the buds are split and smoked. In addition to its savory flavor, ice cream is certainly more appreciated for its effects. It starts with a discharged cerebral head that hits you in the forehead with a relieved euphoria and a feeling of lightly focused energy. Also, as this head held high blissfully builds, a creeping body buzz will slowly wash over you, leaving you completely relaxed and calm with a sense of peace and well-being. These powerful and surprisingly balanced effects make Gelato the perfect choice for patients suffering from muscle spasms, chronic pain, inflammation, chronic fatigue, headaches, or migraines.

5 reviews for Shatter – Gelato

  1. Dylan (verified owner)

    Very well worth the money.

  2. Henry (verified owner)

    Very fast delivery.

  3. Paul (verified owner)

    Good service.

  4. Isaac (verified owner)

    Good service.

  5. Aiden (verified owner)

    Very well worth the money.

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