Delta 8 Cartridge Bubble Gum Galaxy


Bubble Gum Galaxy
-Strain: Hybrid
-Delta-8 mg: 1000mg
Requires 510 thread pen

900mg Delta-8 THC oil, +50mg Botanical terpenes, +50mg Plant lipids.

Delta 8 Cartridge Bubble Gum Galaxy

Buy Delta 8 Cartridge Bubble Gum Galaxy online Europe,

Sometimes, we all crave a little bit of nostalgia, and a few things call you back to your childhood like the taste of bubble gum.

Our new Bubble Gum Delta-8 vapes bring back the simpler days with a sweet, but not too sweet flavor you know and love. And with the mellow body-high created by Delta-8, this vapes cart’s sure to take you to your own little bubble of happiness that no one can burst.

Our carts were designed to deliver quick & effective results with our vegan, gluten-free oil infused with only the highest-grade terpenes & plant lipids. Available in 6 natural flavors.


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