Hot Chocolate Mix THC E Lix


1000gm Hot Chocolate Mix THC E Lix

Buy Hot Chocolate Mix THC E Lix online Europe, Create your hot chocolate cannabis-infused. each bag contains 1000 mg THC. Recommend dose … Mix 13 hot chocolate blend teaspoons to a cup of hot milk (for a total of 20 mg THC for 1 spoon at the tank,

You have just discovered the Hot Pot Chocolate from EZ Baked. This fantastic drink mix is ​​not for the faint-hearted. It is creamy, delicious, and very powerful. One of the most fun ways to heal yourself. Using 3 tsp to 3 tbsp for a cup of hot milk can vary the strength from strong to EXTRA strong! Medicate your friends and family in the EZ Baked Way!


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