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Also one of the most affordable, high-quality live resin carts in California’s cannabis market. Their concentrates are extracted from quality flowers grown by experienced farmers in Santa Barbara County. All Raw Garden carts use CCELL cartridges, particularly the TH2. These have a glass body and a ceramic mouthpiece. These give a good kick in the hit that most of the clones just don’t match up to.

Moreover, these cartridges have great quality oil. It’s a refined live resin that looks amazing and vapes smooth. One of the better cartridges out there. The first hit is an experience since the concentrate inside the vape cartridge isn’t harsh.
There’s no lack of strength on Raw Garden carts.

Raw Garden vape cartridges aren’t as filled with terpenes as I’d expected. But, most solvent-based vape cartridges taste like air-freshener.
In conclusion, Raw Garden vape cartridges aren’t fake news. They’re real and do not fall under the category of low-quality fake cartridges circulating the black market since they’re their brand.


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